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THE WARM COMPANY-Warm and Natural Cotton Batting: Queen Size 90x108in. This batting will not separate; bunch or beard. This 100% USA grown cotton is punched with hundreds of needles through a thin base material (polymer fibers) to prevent tearing; shifting; migrating or creeping through the cover fabric making it 87.5% cotton/12.5% polymer fibers. Needled cotton's flexibility makes it ideal for both inside and outside use. Fibers are held together without glue so a quilting needle glides easily through the batting. What an incredible difference! No need to pre-wash; machine washable after quilted; can be used as an exterior fabric; quilt up to 10in apart; easily dyes and your fabric will cling to the batting while quilting. Made in USA.

10 reviews for Warm & Natural Cotton Batting Queen Size

  1. Lana Kay Jones

    It was exactly what I wanted. The warm and natural cotton batting is perfect for the craft items I make. Light weight and ready to use.

  2. Norah Engle

    I have purchased these previously from amazon. Like having the pre-cut which are easier to work with in a small sewing area. Great for small projects.

  3. S Raleigh

    I’m a novice quilter but the few quilts I have made, I’ve used these products and really been pleased with this line. I hate polyester batting filling, and this batting folds out nicely into a large sheet to sandwich a quilt. It cuts easily and I can get a needle through it without problem. The only downside is that it’s hard to find a use for the excess I cut off.

  4. NH Mom

    I love Warm & Natural batting and have been using it for years. The material holds up so much better for craft projects than polyfil. I use this for all my quilts.

  5. Laura K.

    What can I say about this batting that hasn’t been said? It’s warm without being sweaty (breathability), not too heavy, good drape, doesn’t lint up my machine too ridiculously, and isn’t bleached within an inch of it’s life. I buy it over and over. The price is good and if you have prime, it gets here faster than I can muster up the will to pack up the baby and drive to JoAnn.

  6. Jess

    Have always loved this batting and won’t use anything else. As an amateur quilter, I don’t know the secrets and tips to how to get your batting to lay perfectly, but I’ve never had an issue with this. It feels amazing!

  7. Linda Colley

    I haven’t quilted with it yet, but I checked out the feel and I can tell it will work well. The price was good and I purchased it because of all the good comments that were already out there. Glad to get it. Thank you.

  8. PH

    Warm & Natural brand is very easy to work with, especially for beginners. It was recommended to me by the manager at my local H. Viking sewing machine store and I’ve been using it for years ever since. I am still a beginner quilter but this batting has helped me advance along. I can’t remember how many quilts I’ve made to date, I’ve lost count, but they all have turn out really looking good with this batting. It’s a great batting for summer time and for warmer climate areas since its light weight & not too thick. However, in colder climate areas you most likely will need to use 2 quilts that use Warm & Natural batting inside to keep you warm in winter, or use another type of batting.

  9. C. Hall

    I make quilted products as a hobby – quilts, table runners, bags, just to name a few. I love this batting. It is lightweight, easy to use, and never bunches up even with frequent washings. It doesn’t shrink. It is less puffy than polyester batting. It is easy to work with and quilt whether quilting by hand or by machine. I have used this product repeatedly on my projects!

  10. dutchqmomma

    I bought several of these as padding for a work table-sized ironing surface in my sewing room. Sandwiched between plywood and a layer of heavy canvas, they provide the padding to make a large pressing surface that makes sewing large projects—and pressing them—a breeze. No problems with this batting as cotton does not melt with high temperature.

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