Vet’s Best Finger Toothbrush for Dogs

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We make brushing your pet’s teeth easier with the Vet’s best finger toothbrush which is designed to fit most small and medium fingers up to 3/4 inches in diameter. We know how hard it can be to brush your pet’s teeth, so our non-slip grip design helps prevent the finger brush from coming off during use – giving you the confidence to clean your pet’s teeth with ease and comfort. Teeth cleaning is an important aspect to keeping your pet healthy. For dogs, using a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste regularly is a great way to maintain good Oral hygiene. There are many benefits to dog teeth cleaning including cleaner, whiter teeth and healthy gums – not to mention the reduction of bad dog breath! Works great on cat teeth and breath too! Package includes 10 individually wrapped, silicone finger brushes per pack.

10 reviews for Vet’s Best Finger Toothbrush for Dogs

  1. KS

    Like that these are soft enough not to hurt dogs mouths. First time I tried this type, they did not like toothbrush kind, just ate paste off and tried to run. They let me massage their teeth and gums with these and it feels like I do a better job reaching all the teeth. although they still don’t love having teeth brushed, they tolerate it with these.

  2. Zahra Rizvi

    Wish I had known about these before. They make brushing my dogs teeth so much easier and I’m able to do a much better job. My dog doesn’t mind having her teeth brushed as much either.

  3. Cam

    These finger brushes are amazing for my little dog. She had gotten some of her teeth removed about 5 months ago and I knew it would be a hassle to try a regular dog tooth brush. She still hates it but at least I’m able to get them in her mouth. Also they are rubber but there’s a part of them I wasn’t able to get completely clean after a brushing.

  4. Juni

    I would not recommend these if you have large hands. I wear a size 7 ring and these are tight on me. Great Disposable dog tooth brushes. Flexible.

  5. Kyra Molitor

    Very easy to use, my little dog is frightened of regular toothbrushes. With these I have easy access to her teeth and she tolerates the procedure very well. The finger brush is sturdy, and i wash it out well after each use. Expect one will last a long time, so I’m offering the others to friends.

  6. Jets_Books

    We use the Vet’s Best toothpaste with these and our pups love to have their teeth brushed daily. Thank you!

  7. Maria Cambridge

    Excellent little toothbrush. Far superior to the one I had before which did not fit over my finger. Molly no longer fights me as I brush her teeth. And, a great buy for the money.

  8. James

    My dogs absolutely despise having their teeth brushed; this makes it easy to strike quickly and unexpectedly, before they have time for a counterstrike.

  9. RJ

    Smaller dogs, including ours, usually have smaller mouths. And smaller mouths are difficult to get into without smaller-sized Finger Brushes, such as these. Having the correctly-sized finger brush is essential for canine dental success! I am very grateful for these brushes that I purchased and continue to use and would highly recommend them to dog owners and others who groom smaller dogs!

  10. Tracy

    These fit my finger although I have small hands. I can see where people with larger hands saying they are tight on your fingers. My little chihuahua loves her teeth being brushed with these. Before getting these i was a little concerned. I would recommend if you have small hands!

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