Pets Shower Attachment, Quick Connect on Tub Spout w/Front Diverter

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10 reviews for Pets Shower Attachment, Quick Connect on Tub Spout w/Front Diverter

  1. heather

    A must have for any pet owner. I have had this item for almost 6 months and it is great! every single time I take it out and use it I think ‘I need to write a review on this” and then I forget. Well today I remembered. This shower sprayer works very well. I did not have to install the shower diverter because I already have one but if you need to install that part it is very simple and easy to do -even if you are not handy. We have a dog that loves the beach so we need to hose her down when we get home,. its simple in the summer but when the weather cools down it gets a little to cold do be using the hose. I purchased the YOO.MEE Tub Spout Shower Sprayer so we could hose the dog down indoors. It is easy to sue install and uninstall but better yet the spray and pressure is very, very good. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and the price is terrific. a tip for yoiu pet owners – cut down an old yoga mat and put it in the tub. It gives your pet traction so they won’t be slipping around and getting nervous , and when your done it rinses and dries easily.(be sure to read the description and make sure you have the spout type that this is designed for )

  2. Karose1664

    I basically stopped using my Jacuzzi tub because of hard it was to clean and of course not being able to wash my hair and rinse off when I was done with my bath. All of my problems solved with one device. I can’t say enough so I will just say “Thank You.” I will be enjoying my bath time again!It came with everything you need to install it right out of the box, including the plumbers tape. I do not have a shower but my faucet does have a diverter for one, it works with no leaks at all. Not the most attractive thing being grey plastic, but I don’t care about that–very well made!

  3. Amazon Customer

    This thing is awesome! I have a large, swuare nozzle for my garden tub. I have searched for something that would fit on this for a long time. I don’t have a shower there so I needed something specifically for a tub. YOO.MEE was the answer. The part that goes over the nozzle adjusts easily and tightens down firmly. All you have to do is attach it and turn the water on. I still get full water pressure through the hose and there are no leaks. Cleaning up the tub after bathing my dog is super simple now. I squirt a little cleaner in there and use the attachment to spray everything down.Cons: There really aren’t any. This works perfectly and costs way less than some I have seen on Amazon. There are only “picture” instructions, but you don’t even need those. Set up is self explanatory.

  4. slowneasy

    Bought this tub spout on prime day to try it out. I was getting frustrated with bathing my maltipoo in the tub and using a bucket to rinse her off. This spout has a gentle flow of water that she really seems to enjoy. She actually sits down in the tub and bathing her is easier for me too. Last week I fell down and fractured my wrist. A cast was put on and I was told not to get the cast wet. So I tried the tub spout for myself and it worked perfectly for me too. So glad that I purchased this. I also bought a high water pressure hand held shower head from the same seller yoo.mee and you get 20% discount on anything else you buy from them for one year. Kinda like prime day all year long from yoo.mee!! Very happy with my purchase. Product arrived on time and awesome customer service.

  5. Darcy S.

    This is awesome! I have a young son who hates getting water in his face and this helps make bath time with him soooo much easier! It also arrived the same day my hubby had to get stitches in his lower arm and couldn’t take a regular shower since he had to keep the stitches dry. He was able to use this very easily! I changed the shower head so I could regulate the water flow since the one that comes with the product is super fast with no option to regulate the water flow. The water pressure is great! No leaking. Was very easy and straight forward to put on tub spout. Works great even without having a shower in the tub. The kit came with easy to understand instructions, all the parts needed for assembly, extra washers for the hose, and everything is made very well. For everything you get with this product, the price is fantastic. i would definitely order this product again and/or recommend to someone who needed it.

  6. Mommyof2

    This is a great product! My tub spout looks like most apartment standard tub spouts. I was looking for a hose for my dog. This is not only affordable but it works great. The handle hose is small enough to get under a dog. The pressure is perfect and I love the feature of leaving the hose on there permanently but yet the shower head is still functional for guests to still be able to shower. There is an on/off lever you can move to either use the shower head or run the water completely through the hose. This is perfect for dog showers and cleaning your tub. It’s really easy to install. You do need to remove your showerhead to install the on/off lever. I needed a wrench since my showerhead was glued so you may need a wrench or not.

  7. Kimberly S.

    This is THE BEST attachment sprayer I’ve owned. I used to have the suction kind that would blow off and spray everywhere. This design is true genius. It stays put on your bath faucet by a screw top that puts pressure on the shower diverter, keeping the bottom of the spout squared up with the sprayer hose. I use this to wash my dog in the bathtub and it works great. It quickly washes off the soap so she doesn’t have to spend any more time than she needs to in the tub (because she hates getting a bath)!

  8. Danielle Dunn

    This is awesome! For anyone who doesn’t want a permanent sprayer in their tub, this is an awesome option. You have to be sure to use the included rubber gaskets, plumbing tape, and the flow diverter to ensure this doesn’t leak and has good water pressure. But if you follow the instructions as they are given in the package, this is an awesome tool at a great price. Perfect to quickly pop on the tub spout to bathe my large dog, and put away when finished.

  9. Agne M

    What an awesome product! We have autistic child, dog and a cat. We have to give lots of baths in our house. This wonderful product made our life so much easier! No more cups for rinsing! Our son loves it too, which is great because he hates regular shower. We have an much fun and baths are no longer back breaking nightmare! It is also so easy to take it off and put it back on. We will be buying second one for another bathroom.Highly recommend.

  10. Kyle

    If you’re like me you will get this package filled with a bunch of stuff and think, wtf is this and only install the main hose on your spout, only to realize the shower diverter is definitely necessary, with an easy quick install of the hose and stuff the water pressure backs up and comes out the shower head, so you need to install the shower head diverter it comes with. All in all it was 15 minutes before I was showering my dog with more ease than I’d ever had, definitely a win.

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