Norpro 265 Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster with Infuser

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Measures: 8.5" X 5.5" X 5.5"/ 21.5cm x 14cm x 14cm. Infuser Capacity: 10oz. Roaster Capacity: 8 lbs. Infuse herbs, spices, beer, juice or cider while you roast. Enjoy tender, moist and flavorful poultry. Vertical roasting is easy, healthier and more flavorful. Knocks down for easy storage. Instructions included. Dishwasher safe.

If your last experiment with a vertical roaster led to the bird tipping on its tripod base and landing in the grease pouring out of its cavity, here's a chance to get it right. This Norpro model is versatile enough to serve as a horizontal 13-by-8-1/2-inch rack for roasts. And it easily but sturdily converts to vertical roasting by anchoring up to four hooked pieces to the slats of the flat rack, enabling two birds to roast on this roost, cooking evenly inside and out, with no danger of capon cartwheel. Flipping the bird, so to speak, is a thing of the past--there's no need to pull the rack out of the oven halfway through cooking--and you may as well roast two while you have the heat cranked up (put one in the freezer for next week). Cleanup is fairly easy, too; just be sure to use a nonabrasive sponge or squeegee to preserve the nonstick coating. --Tony Mason

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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May 5, 2003

10 reviews for Norpro 265 Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster with Infuser

  1. Amazon Customer

    I saw a different vertical roaster used on a TV cooking show, and decided I wanted one because the chicken looked so beautiful and I love roast chicken. I chose to purchase this one because it was recommended by America’s Test kitchen, and I am very satisfied. The one problem I have with this is that it didn’t come with any recipes or suggestions, only assembly instructions. I expect kitchen gadgets to come with recipes, and was surprised when this one did not. I adapted the preparation I saw on TV. I put lemon juice, white wine and fresh rosemary in the cup section of the roaster, rubbed the outside with olive oil, and sprinkled on salt and pepper. The finished chicken was absolutely spectacular. Every bite was moist, succulent and delicious. I only wish the skin and browned and crisped more. Next time I’ll put the cut up serving pieces under the broiler to quickly brown it. The roaster goes together and comes apart easily, which is great because it stores flat. The price is very affordable. It also cleaned up well in the dishwasher, another plus.

  2. Henri Savin

    I was trying to cook my poultry in a traditional manner, like on a rotating spike. However, my oven does not support this and the rotisseries are quite expensive.Then I came across this item. OK, it does not rotate but still leaves most of the poultry exposed. Moreover, it has an infuser at the base so once the chicken/duck is impaled on it, it will be infused from within.The results are nice. Crispy skin, moist meat.Easy to clean and store, reasonably priced, I am a satisfied customer!

  3. M. Schell

    I recently had to replace our first Norpro Roaster. The seam where the “beer can” cup is held together began to split on the old one. I initially thought it was premature, until I looked at our order history and the old one was over four years old. As much as we use it, that means it roasted roughly 100 chickens. I’m happy with that longevity.I’ve made beer can chickens and once did a beer can turkey in the smoker. If you like roasted chicken in the oven, this is the gadget for you. It is easy to use and delivers consistently good results. The product is well made, it holds the chicken upright without any risk of tipping, and assembles and disassembles quite easily.Someone said it does not come with instructions. To quote a coworker, “let me Google that for you.” There are dozens of beer can chicken recipes, of which I’ll share my favorite below.Tips:- Oil the metal uprights. It helps get the chicken off the gadget more easily.- If it is still tough to get off the uprights, the best tool I have in the kitchen it to use the kitchen sheers to release the top of the chicken by cutting down a few inches- Use a baking sheet underneath this. I personally place this in a disposable pie tin, and put that on a baking sheet. There will be some splatter as the chicken cooks, but most of it stays in the pan of the roaster- I like to use chicken broth rather than beer. I’ve just had better luck with it, and it keeps the chicken very moist. I like to add some minced garlic to the swill.Basically, you will find two types of recipes online. Some call for a 325 or 350 degree oven. I stumbled onto one that called for 425 which I have used. My oven has a convection roast cycle, and I set the oven at 440 (which it steps down to 415). I usually use about a 5 pound chicken. I rinse and pat dry the chicken, then rub some olive oil on the bird. On top of that I sprinkle on a chicken rub (I’ve used various kinds). When the oven is up to temperature, I put the bird in with a wing side facing the back, which in my oven is the convection heat source. I let it roast that way for 20 minutes, turn the roaster and bird 180-degrees so the other wing side is facing the heat source for 20 minutes, then turn so the back of the bird faces the heat for 22-23 minutes, then turn it 180-degrees so the breast side is the last to face the heat for another 22-23 minutes. The results have been consistent: crispy skin, perfectly cooked inside, and juicy every time.If you don’t have a convection oven, just set it for 425, and if your heat source is not coming from the back, you can probably not turn the bird. Feel free to experiment with the liquids in the cup.Incidentally, the quality of the unit that arrived two weeks ago is identical to the quality of the one that lasted 4+ years and 100 or so chickens. It is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

  4. Shane Nichols

    This roaster handled A 15 pound turkey with no problem! The roaster itself is made out of heavy duty metal that looks like it will last forever. The infuser worked very well. I filled mine with apple juice fresh herbs and garlic clothes. The turkey came out perfectly moist. I would highly recommend this product for a vertical roaster!

  5. margaran

    Stainless cleans easily in dishwasher without staining/oxidation. The dry-brined chicken browns beautifully w/ only one 180° rotation. In my oven, cooking on bottom rack, folding a 5″ strip of foil so roughly 5×5″ protects the neck/top of breast from over browning. Instead of having to flip chicken in a flat pan a couple times, I only have to rotate once. The best part is that the juice that drains into the cup/collector pan is KILLER! Mixed w/ a little creme fraiche and drizzled over carved chicken is amazing!

  6. Kat

    We used two of them on our smoker recently and the results were outstanding. I have always been a fan of vertical roasters and this did not disappoint. Put in a little white wine, thyme, oregano, and garlic. Getting ready to order two more so I can max out my smoker capacity. The kids cleaned us out of leftovers. With 4 chickens, we may stand a chance of having some the next day. We shall see.

  7. Grandma

    Wow! This makes a great roasted chicken with little effort. I bought this because America’s Test Kitchen gave it high ratings. Best-tasting, fool-proof chicken I ever ate – truly! I had easy access to a lemon tree, so I squeezed juice to put in the infuser cup. Then, I rubbed the bird with olive oil and seasoned heavily with lemon pepper. It roasted in one hour in a convection oven. Wow…it was so juicy and tender with crispy skin. I’ve made the same twice now, and both times were excellent.I’m curious if it made the bird less fattening b/c a lot of the fat drained out and was caught by the infuser’s pan. I recommend putting a cookie sheet or foil at the bottom of the oven in case the fat spills over from the infuser pan (although it didn’t spill over for me, but it came close!).Just as America’s Test Kitchen says, it’s very sturdy and not likely to tip over. I noticed that it also cleans up very easily. Although, next time I think I might oil up the infuser cylinder b/c the inside of the bird tends to stick to it a bit – making it hard to slip the bird off the cylinder without pulling off all that tender meat.I liked this tool so much that I bought all three of my adult children one each as a Christmas present (along with a meat thermometer) and the two children that have used it so far, LOVE IT!Also recommend having the crock pot handy to make chicken stock from the carcass. I just threw the carcass in the crock pot with salt water onion and celery and let it cook over night! Made great broth for cooking rice and making gravy.

  8. Amazon Customer

    This thing is fantastic! I received mine a few days ago. I was going to buy a rotisserie oven, but decided to save some money by buying this vertical roaster. It was so easy to put together. It took less than one minute. Today, I used it for the first time with a nearly 7-pound chicken (6.91 pounds to be exact). I prepared a lemon garlic chicken infused with rosemary and white cran/peach juice. It came out so tender and juicy! The crust was crispy and delicious! The family loved it. Here’s the other thing…when I tried to cut it I couldn’t do it, because it was so tender, the meat literally fell off of the bone! Oh, it also slid off the roaster without using a nonstick spray. The photos show the end result. Mark me down as super satisfied!

  9. Glen Brakebill

    Used the roaster on Thanksgiving for my 15 pound fresh Amish turkey that was wet brined. Put apple cider in infusion container and placed the roaster in a cast iron cornbread skillet. The skillet caught the juices which I used for gravy. Used apple wood for smoking and 300 degree temp in Big Green Egg. Turkey took around ten minutes per pound to reach 165 degrees. I usually eat the dark meat as it seems juicier but the breast on this bird was better and juicier than any previous birds I have done without the vertical roaster. Used rib rack in the past, but no more.

  10. Swidgen

    I, like many others, purchased this after I saw it on an episode of America’s Test Kitchen. I normally roast my chicken in a pan in the oven, the traditional way. I sometimes (well, often) ended up with dry breast meat using that method. Well I’ve been cooking vertically since I bought this roaster and I have to say, the breast meat stays moist and juicy. I don’t know how that works, but it does.I usually rub the bird with a paste I make using some oil mixed with a Penzey’s spice mix, and pour some Coors Light in. I like to place the roaster on a jelly roll pan, just in case it over-drips, but usually all the juices/grease just drip right down into the ring and I can use a baster to suck it out to make gravy. I have an electric oven so I cover the top of the bird with a small bit of foil so it doesn’t brown too quickly being so close to the element. When it comes out, I let it rest and then you can jimmy the bird around until he’s loose and pick him right up off the roaster. My husband came home with a 6.5 lb chicken the other day and it fit on the roaster just fine.I don’t have a dishwasher, so I’ve only hand-washed it and it cleans up really easy with nothing sticking to the metal. I’d buy this Norpro again in a minute.

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