MOJO-HOME Ceramic Kitchen Set – Scissors, Fruit Knife, and Peeler (Blue)

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Out of stock

  • This is the perfect ceramic kitchen box set. Buy it for yourself or get it as a gift for others. This ceramic kitchen toolkit comes in handy for all kinds of uses
  • Ceramic scissors - great for cutting fruits, vegetables, herbs, and any other soft items
  • Ceramic vegetable peeler - excellent for peeling fruits and vegetables, rustproof blade is easy to clean
  • Ceramic fruit knife - perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables, this blade is lightweight, ultra-sharp, and stainless
  • Ceramic blade stays sharp longer than most metal blades due to high hardness and durability
  • All of our ceramic products are non-toxic, acid resistant, and lead-free. 
  • The blades are non-magnetic and made from compacted ceramic material 
  • Please note this box set is not a toy: Keep out of reach of children and always be careful when handling blades. 
  • Easy to clean - Rinse blade with running water. 
  • If blade is difficult to clean use a brush or sponge to clean with soap or toothpaste. 
  • Item dimensions: Box Set 7.25" x 4.625" x 1.125", 6.8 oz, 
  • Knife: Handle 3.5", Blade 3", 0.8oz 
  • Peeler: 5.25" x 3", 0.6oz 
  • Scissors: Handle 3.75", Blade 2.25", 1.3oz

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