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10 reviews for Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series

  1. D. Casey

    Very high quality and very sharp. Made cutting my sons hair much safer and easier. He moves around a lot so I need to be able to make cuts quickly and cleanly. These work great!

  2. C

    Just used these for a haircut and I loved them! Super sharp, easy to handle and I was satisfied with the quality of the cut. The scissors are a bit on the heavy side, but I don’t mind that so it’s not an issue for me. It also seems like they will be easy to take apart for when they need sharpening.

  3. Michael Kadaner

    I am not a pro barber, but I have had some experience in maintaining my family members’ haircuts for years. Those times, I had pretty good professional shears too, but I left them behind when I moved to a new place. Now I needed to cut someone’s hair again, so I purchased these shears. My choice was mostly based on very good reviews and a reasonable price.The shears surpassed all my expectations. They have very comfortable grip, they are convenient to work with and extraordinary sharp! With these shears, I can cut hair ends half an inch from my fingers without the hairs slipping along the edges. This is how barber’s shears ought to be!Let me comment on some complaints in other reviews. Yes, the shears come wet in the transparent plastic pack, but this is not water, and they are not used. This is high quality clean machine oil to avoid stains. Well, I am not sure why stainless still needs to be protected from stains… Of course, the fine cutting edge may be more susceptible… Anyway, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just wash the scissors with soap and soft sponge after receiving and you’ll be all set.Another common complaint is small hole where the thumb does not fit. The first thing they teach you at barber’s courses is that you should never push your thumb through the hole (see the picture labelled “Wrong”). You should put only the tip of the thumb inside (see “Right”). This is because you should be able to quickly fold the shears in your hand (“Hand folded”) and then use the thumb and forefinger to hold the comb (“Use comb”). Well, if your ring finger does not fit into the hole, that would be a different matter; you won’t be able to use the shears. Just in case, the ring finger hole is 13/16″ by 5/8″ (21 by 16 mm), something like #9 finger ring size (USA).

  4. Ana

    It is a breeze cutting my own hair with these scissors. I just trim off the tips to get the split ends off; nothing fancy. The scissors cleanly and easily cuts through my hair.It also doubles as a good way of opening a locked door. My bathroom door was broken, and it locked me inside. I was able to wedge these scissors into the bolt and open it back within seconds.

  5. Jjaa

    First time purchasing shears. Excellent purchase. I wasn’t aware they come lubricated so make sure you clean them first with alcohol or something. Also the are VERY sharp! Be careful if not use to handling shears! I learned the hard way! But now I know! Would order again.

  6. Joshua S. Crossley

    I am really impressed with these, especially for the price. They are truly razor sharp, and the tension adjustment dial is an added bonus I didn’t even know I was getting. Much better than the previous pair I paid even more for at Target (or somewhere like that).

  7. Amazon Customer

    Bought these to replace lost trimming shears for my facial hair. They are larger than I has thought, but work well and are less expensive than the replacement cost for my missing scissors. I do have large hands and fingers, so they are a little cumbersome, but that is not the fault of the design. Nice and sharp, and do the job.

  8. Becca Bear

    Love these scissors! I wanted to buy some professional scissors to trim my ends without breaking the bank for a hair cut. Usually I pay $50 plus tax and tip to “cut” my hair…which is usually a trim on the ends. My hair is very fine and straight so there is not much to cut. I usually trim my hair every 6 months by a stylist and I rarely heat style (I blow dry my hair maybe 4-5 times a year as my hair dries super fast with it being fine and maybe curl it on special occasions so my hair is very healthy) Bought these scissors for under $20. I cut my hair today and am very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend buying these, especially if you have fine hair and just need a trim. 🙂

  9. Azure Niblist

    A fine pair of scissors that are suitable for haircare and personal hygiene. Love the finish and little touches that add up to easy care and adjustment over the life of your scissors. If you’ve never had scissors of this type before, take a few minutes on YouTube to learn about adjusting and caring for your new scissor and get the most out of your purchase as seemingly small details make a world of difference overall.A Word about WATER…. these scissors are well suited to trim and style both dry and wet hair. When you first open your scissors from the seller, you will see what appears to be wetness inside the package tray and perhaps feel it on your hand. WHAT YOU ARE SEEING/FEELING IS A HIGHLY REFINED OIL that protects the metal from rust forming after packaging and before you recieved them. Scissors used in haircare are high precision tools . Coatings of oil are simply best protection for you and your family to be wiped away as you open the package. Cleaning & adjusting your scissors after each use to remove water & hair keep them ready to go and safe around your skin. Occasional reapplying a light coating of oil is part of that protection. Most sanitizing solutions contain light oils in the solutions that help protect you and your scissors during the process.

  10. Abi Thompson

    These are great sissors! I’ve used them to cut my hair twice now and have no complaints. They’re very sharp and give a nice blunt cut!

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