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Try our naturally moisturizing multi-use oil that is perfect for most of your hair needs! Whether it be prepping your skin for a smooth shave as a pre shave oil , or an aftershave for a post-shave moisturizing session, or just part of your daily beard or hair conditioning routine, our oil works hard to soften your skin & hair and leave it smooth as silk.

Why Pre Shave Oil? our pre shave oil is formulated with naturally moisturizing, skin & hair loving oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and avocado oil, our special formula ensures oil consistency & texture is not too thin that it does not create enough gliding or not too thick that it clogs the razors. It works great with straight or safety razors. Pre shave oil for Men works by moisturizing skin and softening hair follicles which results in reduced friction with razor resulting in smooth, irritation free shaving and cuts & bruise free aftershave experience.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose oil that’s cruelty free, made with natural ingredients, and great for those with sensitive skin, our three in one oil is for you!

Caution & Allergy Warning: Contains oil extracted from tree nuts. Always test product on small swatch of skin before using. External use only. Avoid any contact with eyes. Please stop usage if redness or irritation occurs and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Pair our pre shave oil with our organic shaving butter, three scents to chose as shown below.

Shaving Butter - Original Shaving Butter - Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Shaving Butter - Sandalwood Shaving Kit Set Shaving Brush


How to Use: Take few drops of oil or as required, massage it well on desired shaving area for around a minute, once ready, use your favorite shaving butter / cream to prepare shave and shave accordingly. It works great with our shaving butters (made with shea & ocoa butter) Benefits:
  1. Irritation & burn free shave
  2. Works great with any type of razor
  3. Perfect oil consistency ensures gliding razors
  4. Ultimate comfort & no more razor burns
  5. Works like a charm on tough & rigid hair


How to Use: Take a pea size oil, rub into your palms and apply it on your shaved area just as you would use a regular aftershave, it will help with any aftershave issues if any. Benefits: On top of being all natural which is a great benefit in itself, here is what a continuous use bring about.
  1. Soothing & cooling effect
  2. Moisturizing & Anti aging
  3. Ultra hydrated & smooth skin
  4. Delays aging & formation of wrinkles


How to Use: Use few drops of oil or as required per size of the beard, rub it into your palms and apply on beard thoroughly by massaging it into beard. Using this as a regular beard oil brings various benefits. Benefits:
  1. Smooth & silky beard
  2. Shining & Frizz Free beard
  3. No Itching or Scratching
  4. 100% Natural & organic
  5. Soaks in quickly & instant shine

10 reviews for 8 fl. Oz, Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil for Men

  1. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had the best shaves with this stuff and I have tried many products. Not to mention how much you get for what you pay for. Most products are very expensive for the amount that you get. Great pre shave oil!

  2. Alex Batkhan

    It is really great pre-shaving oil.

  3. RG

    I shave my head every day. I’ve used this for a week and am extremely happy so far. I intentionally used it with a used blade and the results are better than if I used a brand new blade. If this continues, I’ll be a regular subscriber for sure.

  4. anthony

    You have to buy this product easy to shave smooth

  5. Kevin

    This should last awhile as a little goes along way. Great all around product that moisturizes your skin.

  6. Michael A. Rupino

    I get a nice close but comfortable shave, I will definitely be using this regularly in my shaving routine!!!

  7. Tyson P.

    This is a great value! It works the same as the higher priced oil.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I love sandalwood shave oil, and this one is my new favorite. Great scent, and much thicker than other ones I have used, which from my perspective is a good thing as it provides greater protection. Given the price of the product this is also a tremendous value.

  9. Amazon Customer

    This is an outstanding pre shave oil and the sandalwood fragrance is wonderful! After my first use of pre shave oiI [a few years ago], I have never wanted to shave again without one. Since then, I have tried a number of others [most of which cost more per ounce], and this is my favorite—no cuts, no scrapes, no razor burn—instead,… a clean, close, comfortable shave; smooth, moisturized skin; great sandalwood scent. Unlike a lot other oils, this one can also be used as a really nice after shave oil [or beard oil, if you prefer not to shave at all].

  10. lore valdes

    The oil I was using for years is so inferior to this one in so many different ways I wish I would have researched other type of oils a long time ago. What a smooth shave with a great smell… So much so I bought two different scents. Love it!

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