8 fl. Oz, Lemongrass Eucalyptus Pre Shave Oil for Men


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10 reviews for 8 fl. Oz, Lemongrass Eucalyptus Pre Shave Oil for Men

  1. Matthew D.

    Probably the best oil I’ve used to date. I’ve used many, many pre-shave oils and this is by far the smoothest and best value yet. I have to shave everyday sometimes 7 days a week so my face takes a beating. I’m old school and use classic lather in a bowl with a classic safety razor. (Smoothest, closest shave) Pre-shave oil is a must for shaving in this fashion. It’s not to thick when applying and the smell is just right. It seems to last about a pass and a half as I make 3 full passes with the old fashioned safety blades. And for money value it’s great. I’ll gladly pay the price for this with what little you actually need and what you get in a bottle. Highly recommend for anyone needing the pre-shave oil treatment!

  2. Shawn Langley

    Love this oil! Couldn’t decide which to get first so I ordered both. So happy with both of them. A little goes a long way. Never had a better shave

  3. ChefMark

    I have a rather nice mustache that I use the oil on and also use the oil for the rest of my shaven face before putting on shave cream

  4. Fred F.

    I started using this in place of the alcohol-based Lectric Shave, which I have used for years. I was a little worried about using an oil-based product with an electric shaver, but I can actually see my whiskers “standing up” more after I use this, and the shave is smoother then Lectric Shave. I even put on another coat after my shave instead of my old moisturizer, to further moisturize my face. My electric razor needs a little more attention, since my whiskers now “clump together” because of the oil, but that is not really a problem. The odor is lemony and a little strong at first, but my wife likes it and it goes away after a while.

  5. Stephanie Gonzalez

    My husband been using shaving oil for about 10 years now to shave his face and head about every other day. He has always felt the need to be a little stingy since most of the products have come in 2oz bottles and cost from $15 to $25. Not only does this one come in a huge 8oz bottle with a high quality pump, but it also smells and feels amazing. It is so nice to be able to use a little more and he has noticed that the razor glides even more smoothly now.I have even been adding a little to my conditioner and it makes my hair feel and smell fantastic.

  6. Mark

    Title says it all really. I love the scent and it definitely makes for a smooth shave. I put it on as a pre-shave oil and as a beard oil, and a little goes a long way. The size for the price….can’t really beat it. I’ll definitely be buying this, or other scents, when I’m running low.

  7. 12th Street and Webb

    Smells fine just don’t use a lot. Don’t push the pump too hard too much will come out therefore be gentle. Razor glides across my face with ease. Good price for the amount. Not heavy and overpriced like the other company’s. Pre shave oil.

  8. Amazon customer

    This oil is fantastic, I enjoy everything about it. It smells GREAT, and you can tell its not cheaply watered-down like some of the other brands out there. My razor’s blade has never glided so smoothly across my face before, and one squirt of oil per shave is all it takes. Very pleased with my purchase

  9. Benestante333

    Thoroughly enjoy using this pre-shave oil! This is just my personal opinion but I absolutely love the fragrance. I don’t mind the price considering I have purchased a much smaller amount (for $10.00 more) of another ‘brand name’ oil.I don’t think you can go wrong with any pre-shave oil. I just happen to really like the fragrance of this one. Like most oils, it provides for a great shave and it lasts a very long time!

  10. Raymond

    For years I’ve been buying expensive preshave oil with mixed results from different companies . I’m very picky when I buy blades , handles , shaving cream and preshave oil . I spare no cost and I must say this oil is amazing , the closeness , the scent and feel is spot on . This is one of those products that I will always be loyal to.

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