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Invest In the #1 Computer Privacy Filter in the Market! Absolutely new product made of Premium materials from LG Electronics!

Not all computer privacy films are created equal. Our LCD monitor filter ranks among the very top screen filters in the market today. Check out why:

Advanced micro-replication technology and 12 layers of film make Privox Privacy Filter stand out from others as we offer Highest Quality product

Designed to fit all widescreen laptop LCD monitors (14.0" screen and a 16:9 aspect ratio)

Anti-reflective and anti-glare technology offers amazing screen clarity

Excellent protection from dust, debris and scratches

With reversible matte and glossy finish

Extra slim, lightweight and frameless design

Greatly reduces blue light display transmission as well as UV rays

Very easy to attach and remove

Made of durable polymer plastic

Get It with Confidence

Waste Not Another Moment! Be the first one who has an opportunity to evaluate all benefits of our product!

Privox Advanced Optical Technology for Maximum Visual Privacy

How many times have you experienced annoying prying eyes trying to make their way into your confidential electronic documents and private information? Wouldn’t you just like to keep those intrusive looks at bay? Privox computer privacy filter to the rescue! With this intelligent LCD monitor darkening filter you can now protect your private data and discourage potential intruders from picking up confidential information while you are working on your PC or laptop. Featuring advanced micro-replication technology this effective screen filter will finally allow you to feel completely protected even in high traffic environments.

Privox 14.0 inch Widescreen (16:9 Ratio) Privacy Filter Screen Specifications

​Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) for Laptop LCD monitors

Diagonal Length: 14.0 inches Diagonally Measured From Corner To Corner Without The Frame

Width: 12.2 inches (310 mm) - THIS MEASUREMENT IS CRITICAL!!!

Height: 6.85 inches (174 mm) - THIS MEASUREMENT IS CRITICAL!!!

Materials Origin: LG Electronics

Can also be trimmed to desired size!

How to find the the right size of the Privacy Filter Screen

1. Determine your screen type

- Raised Bezel: Screen with a raised frame

- Flat Front Glass: Screen with an edge-to-edge glass without a raised frame

2. Measure Your Screen

- Raised Bezel: Measure the height and width of the screen's viewable area within the bezel (excluding the raised frame)

- Flat Front Glass: Measure the height and width of the entire glass display area from edge-to-edge

3. Find Your Privacy Filter: Choose the right size of the filter based on your measurements.

Best Fit Tip: If you don't see the right size of the filter choose that is smaller but closest to your measurements

Additional Information

viewing angle

Viewing Angle For Best Privacy

You can read your monitor screen sitting behind as well as up to 60 deg viewing angle. Anyone located outside this angle range can only see dimmed or totally black screen

Does Not Block Visibility Behind You!


Highest Privacy And Anti-Glare

- For the highest level of privacy use glossy side of Privacy Filter facing the user

- For anti-glare function use matt side of the Privacy Filter facing the user

brightness and highest privacy

Brightness And Highest Privacy

Adjust the level of your computer monitor brightness after the installation of Privacy Filter. For the bright rooms increase of monitor brightness might be necessary.

Useful Tips for Enhanced Privacy:

- For the highest level of privacy reduce the brightness of the computer monitor especially in dark environment


Advanced New Generation Filter Screen

Enjoy Privacy with New Generation LG Electronics materials filter screen


Compatible With Touchscreens

Advanced technology offers comfortable use even with touchscreens

Features & details

FITS MONITOR SIZES OF 14” WIDESCREEN 16:9 – Computer Screen Privacy Filter Dimensions – DIAGONAL: 14”, WIDTH x HEIGHT: 12 3/16" x 6 7/8" (310mm x 174mm). Please measure your computer screen width and height carefully before order placing

ENHANCED PRIVACY and ANTI GLARE – thanks to a partnership with LG who provides Premium certified materials that make our monitor privacy screen exceptional value for money. Whether you're working in the office, airport, airplane or other public areas you can trust your privacy is protected

OTHERS SEE A DARK SCREEN – you enjoy a crystal clear view! Privox computer monitor privacy filter has transparency over 85% thanks to our new 12 layers model. Our computer blackout screen blocks visibility for intruders looking from an angle of 30 deg and more

WORKS AS EYES and COMPUTER SCREEN PROTECTOR – your health is protected by blocking of glare, blue light display transmission and filtering out UV. Privox privacy screen for computer monitor effectively reduces eyestrain, dry eye and insomnia caused by LCD screen, protects LCD panel from scratches

EASY INSTALLATION and TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBILITY – we provide 2 attachment options for super easy installation. Our advanced technology offers comfortable use even with touchscreens

Additional information

Manufacturer Part Number






To Fit Screen Size

14 in




Black – Laptop




14.0" WIDESCREEN (16:9)


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