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Just like indigo, henna is another plant that is naturally grown and harvested in various parts of the world, with best ones coming out of India and the middle east. Henna powder naturally contains a red pigment that is used to dye hair. When henna is used alone, it gives red color on light-colored hair, if used in combination with indigo powder and other herbs with correct proportions, different shades can be achieved, anywhere from light brown to Jet black. Here are the reasons why our customers love our pure henna powder. Raw, Vegan Gluten-Free Triple Cloth Sifted Non GMO Cruelty-Free Organically Grown Multi-Purpose Easy to rinse out, easy to work with Anti-dandruff Helps loose curl patterns Naturally Conditions hair

10 reviews for 100% Pure & Natural Henna Powder for Hair Dye/Color 200 Grams – The Henna Guys

  1. Happy Red

    I was scared off my a&& to try a henna powder that hadn’t been lab tested, and had no way to back its claim of being free of pesticides, etc. I was scared also because the instructions said mix with tap water, and didn’t mention the hours required for dye release. So I thought something might have been added to fakeify this henna that was claiming to be 100% henna. I was afraid too because the negative reviews included many “made my hair fall out” and “bleeds yellow for weeks”. I knew that the henna I’d been using did NOT “bleed yellow”, and figured no real henna would do that. So despite all the fear, being backed in a corner by my formerly trusty 7 year supplier who priority-shipped my emergency henna FOUR DAYS AFTER I ORDERED IT, (making the delivery time almost a week), made me jump off a cliff and try this henna. My first test was the sniff test. Did it smell like real henna? Well, it smelled slightly different than the henna I’d been using for seven years, but it didn’t set off any of my chemical alarms. (I’m highly sensitive). So I plundered forth and mixed it up. I let it sit all day (8 a.m. to midnight), then smelled it again. It just smelled like henna. Slightly different than my usual stuff, but not enough so to not be attributable to being a different crop or variety or whatever. So I went for it. Slathered it on (smoother paste than the other brand I’d been using, which I hadn’t thought possible, since that one was 100x smoother than the crap weed I’d been buying that came in boxes complete with twigs, dirt, and probably the occasional exotic animal turd, put my head wraps on, and went to bed. I wondered if I’d wake up with hair, and if I did, would it look any different than before I used this henna that I’d read is often sold “too long” (who knows how long is too long?) after it’s been harvested, making it weak. I was tired enough to fall asleep through all this henna anxiety. I woke up today an hour and a half before my alarm, wanting to know what happened to my hair. I took a shower, looked in the mirror, and ….whoa. Exactly what I’d expect to see after henna’ing my hair with a quality henna. My litmus test is orange skin around my temples. If my temples are orange next to my hair, it worked. Well, my skin was orange. I hadn’t henna’ed for nothing, and I still have hair!!! And the most remarkable thing is my head doesn’t itch. I had thought I had a slight allergy to henna, but I don’t seem to be allergic to this one at all. I can’t wait to start buying from a supplier who doesn’t charge for shipping, can ship the product same day (Amazon), works as well as what I thought was the best brand, and doesn’t make my head itch. Wow. I really thought I was buying the best henna on the market. And maybe I was!! But my scalp prefers this one, at least for now. I hope I don’t get sensitized to it. And I feel safe knowing I can have it shipped same day if I ever have another emergency. I mean….IT’S HAIR!. Ya gotta take care of your hair. 🙂

  2. Anne S.

    A great experience and easier than store bought dyes.I was using henna for the first time and I was very nervous. I have been dealing with an increasing number of grey hairs, but I was tired of having my hair become a total mess every time I tried to dye it, even with no ammonia, all natural, even salon – to no avail.The henna was actually easier to use than normal dye. It does take time to release (I did it for 24 hours, but that was because of scheduling), but the goal at the end is to get it to be a consistency of greek yogurt. This meant that I had more control when I was applying it. I could see where the paste was sitting so I could better target those grays.The henna turned my grays a more intense red than the rest of my hair, but since it is a red dye and the grays are lighter, this is to be expected. Turns out that my grays give me instant red highlights which I am in love with. Who knew getting old could give you salon brightness?I am happy with the texture of my hair, happy with the color, and happy with the price. I have shoulder length hair – I used 2/3s of a packet. When I touched up my hair, I used 1/3 a packet. This mean that for $14 I got 4 rounds of dye compared to $16 for 1 box or $130 for a salon visit.I highly recommend using a brush to layer the dye into the roots. I used an old makeup brush and it did a pretty good job. Real hair dying brushes are better, but any brush would work.Excellent product for the quality, price, and results.*Update: Before using the henna, my hair was embarrassingly dry. I tried every conditioner known to man. Since using the henna and reducing my shampoo use, my hair is the healthiest it has been since I was 20. Silky, healthy, and much better looking. If the henna is not directly making it softer, I would say that it is not drying in the least. Very happy customer.*Update 2: I have used henna 4 times now. The first 3 times were amazing. The last time I used diluted lemon as my dye release and it was a awful. No matter what people say, I found out the hard way that lemon dries out your hair. If you are find that your hair is dry after you use the henna, check the acid you are using for dye release. Avoid lemon if you have curly hair. Otherwise, I am in love with this product.

  3. Kindle Customer

    I’m a 34 year old black woman with salt/pepper (prematurely grey since 19) past my shoulders relaxed hair, and I live up north. I don’t braid, lock, or use extensions (search traction alopecia and give the finger to anyone whos ever said “protective hairstyle” to you).So basically, I have a fixation on conditioning treatments because I do my own hair- especially this time of year when it’s cold, windy, and a little damp outside.That being said, as long as you know your hair, and do what’s best for them- you’ll really enjoy the results after using this.I bought this weeks and weeks ago because I’ve been researching this like crazy.Lemon? Coffee? Tea? Apple cider vinegar? Coconut oil? Essential oils? Cranberry juice? Yada yada yada.You’ve all seen the posts, recipes, and hand wringing.Bottom line, lemon dries your hair out. Apple cider vinegar is a little harsh to be keeping on your hair for that long. Coconut oil is moisturizing (probably why it’s so high in cholesterol) the plan is to let this really saturate your hair. I work full-time and have other hobbies, so I’m not really an essential oils kinda broad, so that was out. I smell coffee and bad breath all day at work (healthcare industry) so I didn’t want to smell it in my hair.For the record, henna doesn’t smell bad. It just smells like green tea with a hint of herbs. So relax.I mixed a little hot black tea (with a pack of lemon ginger tea) into some of the henna powder. Once it was a pudding consistency I added a splash of blueberry pomegranate juice to it for antioxidants and acidity to help the dye release.Then I covered it in saran wrap and left it out overnight (it’s been a chilly fall so the temp in my kitchen is in the 60s). In the morning there were the little pools of red (released dye) on top of the henna so I stirred it one more time before applying. After about 3 hours (keeping it covered with saran wrap, a plastic bag, and a satin sleeping scarf) I rinsed it out and conditioned 2 or 3 times before styling as usual (leave in conditioner, ogx coconut serum).Now my dark brown hair has gorgeous copper threads throughout it (covered all the greys) and it looks and feels thicker, smoother, and softer than before. No scalp irritation (despite relaxing 2 weeks ago). I love love love this, and will be using it for life.This was definitely what my thirsty strands needed.

  4. Cloud

    So I tried it and I got almost NO color payoff. And it’s only because I used coffee instead of red tea! I had some leftover that I froze and used again but this time mixing in red tea and I got color! A deep, auburn. I used hot, freshly brewed coffee and mixed it while it was still hot because I heard you can use henna right away if u mix it with hot water. I did let it sit for about half an hour while I got ready but then it wasn’t as runny so I added bottled water to it and got it back to the “pudding” consistency. Sectioned my hair into 1 inch parts and evenly distributed the henna all over. Front and back, up, down and all around. I used plastic wrap to cover my whole head and put a scarf on top. To stay warm and left that on for about 4-5 hours and washed it off. My hair looked and felt so nice and soft. It was a little dry but when I applied my oil it helped A LOT. Also, coffee (when used as a hair mask) increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the roots of the hair, therefore, promotes hair growth. My head itched me like CRAZY. And at first, thought it was an allergic reaction I was having but when I did my research, I read it was because of new hair growth! YAY! The itchiness subsided after about 3-4 days. They DO recommend leaving the mask after being made for 8-10 hours so that the dye can properly release but like I said before, using hot liquid does the trick. Customer service was great too!

  5. Jacqueline Marie

    I have naturally strawberry blonde hair, I have never done anything to it until now. I wanted to experiment so I watched a gazillion tutorials and gave it a go. I left it in over night, my hair turned super red. A couple weeks later and i’m finally getting use to it. I feel like a mermaid and I love my henna hair! Before and after attached….

  6. MartaRM

    Wow. This henna is outstanding. I have never dyed my hair before. I have only been using henna for years and, ok, they worked, but not as well as this one… I have dark hair with white hairs sprinkled all over and sensitive scalp, and every time I applied other hennas I would notice my hair falling when washing off the product. Also, it would cover my white hairs but it would wash off after maybe 10 washes. With this one my scalp feels great, I don’t see hairs falling when rinsing off AND my white hairs stay dyed for ever! I applied it in September and 4 months later my white hairs are still colored. The color is amazing too. It started as a dark red and with time it became a dark honey color. I am now applying the henna again only because of the roots, but I would have been happy with the beautiful color it develops over time. You can tell this henna is of a very good quality (my scalp didn’t get bothered by it and the color lasts!). I hope they never stop making it because I am in love with this product. Thank you, Henna Guys, for making such an amazing/good quality/perfect product! <3

  7. Anaid

    I just finished coloring my hair and I love it!My hair is long, about to my shoulder blades, and thin to average amount of hair thickness/volume. I used an entire 200g bag and it was the right amount for my hair. I pre-soaked the powder in hot water for about four hours prior to applying the paste. I did not add lemon juice or anything else – just water. I applied it to clean dry hair that had been washed a day prior. I used lots of vaseline on my face and arms which was essential for keeping my skin from taking the color. I left it in for 3.5 hours and then rinsed with warm water and applied some conditioner to help get it out of my hair. I have very textured hair naturally so it can be a bit of a challenge for folks with that kind of hair. Conditioner definitely helps with the rinsing.My hair was a medium brown with some light brown highlights before I applied the color. The result of this effort is a very rich auburn with copper highlights. I will be interested to see how the color fades over time. I am posting one picture that is in the sun immediately after drying, before I had a chance to style it (it was pretty frizzy after rinsing it out, but that is normal for my hair texture if it’s not styled yet.) The other picture is indoors, where it looks less intense. Also before I have had a chance to style it. The color is great, and it covered gray hair very nicely.

  8. Samantha Lake

    No, seriously, where have you been all my life?I’m a strawberry blonde with thick, dry, curly hair who has been in search of the perfect shade of red all my life.I’ve tried everything from OTC products (Everything. Literally everything on the shelf) to salons to mixing my own like some crazy bathroom alchemist. I even consulted those rainbow-haired people and the beauty moguls. Nobody had an answer. Everything lasts a few washes and I’m back to my old shades like Cinderella.Also, I have really sensitive skin, so I end up looking like post-nuclear-apocalypse Cinderella, to boot. Tres sexy.Then, I stumbled over this. I feel like I fell into The Ginger Conspiracy. THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT!Now, not a day goes by that I don’t receive compliments. People literally stop me on the street and I tell them all about The Henna Guys. The color has NEVER faded. It never itched, burned, colored my skin, or anything. It’s the best hair treatment I’ve ever used and it happened to make my hair the most gorgeous color I’ve ever seen.It was SO EASY. I mixed it with some water like I was making…well, imagine you’re making mud pie with a child.I left it overnight in a sealed pyrex container and, when I got home the next day, it looked like…well, horrible, sentient blood-mud-pudding. But hey, we’ve all done worse for beauty.I piled it on my head like a clay masque (or one of those Spartan Race mudrunners) and put a plastic shower cap on.That was tough. It’s like trying to put a plant ball in a shower cap. Use disposable shower caps.I kept it on for a few hours (I was going to leave it on overnight but, really, your head is a ball of mud) and then rinsed it out.I have never seen such a gorgeous color in real life. It was everything I ever hoped to see and it was so simple. My hair is thicker, healthier, more vibrant, and better than ever. This product is worth more than a $300 salon visit.You, Henna Guys, you’re my hairy godfathers.Thank you. You answered my prayers and changed my life.

  9. Alyssa

    I didn’t realize I was using low quality henna until I used something that didn’t feel like 50% sand when I washed it out.I had previously been using henna from my local health food store. It got the job done, but was pretty unrefined, and had quite a bit of sediment.This henna looked finer coming out of the bag. When I make henna, I prepare it the night before. I add several teaspoons of cinnamon and then enough apple cider vinegar to completely wet the henna BUT NO MORE. it should be a thick thick paste. Then I cover with plastic wrap and leave overnight.In the morning, I remove any metal jewelry, put on gloves, and mix in water with my hands until the henna is a more liquidy consistency. Think cake batter, but slightly thicker. Really cold milkshake.I rub Vaseline LIBERALLY around my hairline, ALL over my ears, on my neck, my collarbones, my ears again… Then grab some new gloves and get to work.I leave the henna for as long as I can stand (I usually top out around 4 hours) and then hop in the shower.TIP: buy a cheap cheap Suave or VO5 conditioner. Any smell you don’t hate. Once you have the bulk of the henna out, use LIBERAL amounts of conditioner worked through your hair to get the rest of the sediment out.After conditioner rinsing, I was my hair as normal.I used 100g for my mid back length hair.There was no difference in the color quality of the henna, but the ease of use was a huge step up.

  10. ZOBO

    Been using henna for many many years since I was a little kid and let me tell you that this is a pretty good henna hair brand because it dyes my skin pretty richly which dosn’t always happen with the ones advertised for hair. Also the chemistry and health of your hair greatly affects the color result and dye uptake. One time I used henna on 2 different blonde peices of hair; initially identical in color (dark blond) one from a human hair weft and one from my bleached hair-the weft turned out bright beautiful reddish auburn and my hair turned a dingy ginger. Not sure exactly what causes such color variance but this proves you can’t always blame the henna if you didn’t get the color you wanted on your hair. Anyway I used this to coat my hair as I have some premature greys through my naturally dark brown hair and heavily bleached ends-the henna was able to restore some of the lost curl pattern in my ends and make everything a bit more shiny…unfortunately for me again my damaged blonde ends turned a brownish ginger color rather than that beautiful auburn red that some people are able to get. ah well-guess I’ll keep building up layer and see what happens…Oh and by the way-you actually do not need lemon to get max dye release (it also dries out your hair)-I used to use that but water works the same it just takes longer; I speed up the process by leaving it on my counter til it turns reddish brown on the top with pools of orange color (this shows dye release) and then freeze overnight and thaw in the morning to fully release the dye.

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